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From the Shores of Tripoli

Avid correspondence fan Louis Schlamowitz exchanged letters with Moammar Gadhafi from the time he seized power in Libya in 1969. According to The New York Post, 81 year-old Schlamowitz and Gadhafi wrote candidly about their viewpoints on America and Israel through the years, and not surprisingly, there were times when they didn’t see eye to eye.


87-Year-Old Pulled Over For Tailgating, Then Arrested For The 207 Pounds Of Cocaine

An 87-year-old horticulturist in Michigan was pulled over last Friday for tailgating, and when police brought in drug-sniffing dogs after the man refused to let his pickup be searched, they found $2.9 million dollars’ worth of cocaine in his trunk. The man claims he was forced at gunpoint to transport the drugs, and was released on $10,000 bail pending a court hearing next month. Moral of the story: if you’re carrying 104 kilos of cocaine, mind your following distance


Great Scott Ad WIN

So, according to the story that’s going around, this is actually just a very well-done advertisement for an Argentinian electronics chain. The production on it is surprisingly well-done however. Not that I’m secretly hoping that this is a viral tie-in a franchise reboot or anything… What do you think WINners?


Raspberry Beretta

Arizona state senator Lori Klein, an outspoken Second Amendment advocate, apparently pointed a loaded gun in the face of a reporter during a recent interview. Republican Sen.



Miley Sings “When I Look at You” at Staples Center

Miley Cyrus Rocks Out Honda Center in Anaheim, CAjust posted the story that it has been confirmed that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth (her “The Last Song” co-star) are dating. According to E! Online, during her Staples Concert in Los Angeles “Miley gushed about how life really can imitate art as a makeout montage of them played behind her.”  I decided to do some searching on YouTube to see if I could find the video clip from her concert. I didn’t find a clip where we could hear her saying “life really can imitate art”, but I did find a couple of clips of her singing “When I Look At You”. The song is from “The Last Song” movie and a montage of Miley and Liam played on the big screen while she sang. Check out the clips below.



Katy Perry Drunk Dials Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftWhen did Katy Perry and Taylor Swift become such good friends? Apparently, the singers are good enough friends that Perry even drunk dials Swift! According to Swift, It was around 3 or 4 in the morning last month when Katy intended on leaving Taylor a funny voicemail thinking she was asleep, but Taylor answered the phone instead. Per Ok: “I wasn’t going to say anything about that ever!” Taylor tells Just Jared about Katy drunk dialing her in the middle of the night. “I don’t want to tell secrets!”

Katy drunkenly told Taylor her plan to leave her a funny message, so Taylor hung up and let her call back to do her thing. So what all did Katy have to say in her voicemail? Well, Taylor won’t spill the bean on that one, but did say it was a very ‘colorful, creative, and unique’ voicemail. Hmmm… wheres those hackers when you need them? source.


Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart To Confirm Relationship?

robert_pattinson_kristen_stewart_to_confirm_relationshipAccording to sources, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are set to confirm their relationship in an upcoming issue of “Harper’s Bazaar”. They have been said to be bumping uglies forever now and in the December issue of “Harper’s Bazaar”, they’re set to go public with the news.  The onscreen couple play lovers Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the “Twilight” movies, and it’s been said for a long time now that they’ve been hooking up off-camera, as well.

The two were spotted at a Kings Of Leon concert together, holding each other closely and were said to be kissing at the time. Kristen is no longer dating Michael Angarano, so their confirmation wouldn’t come as a surprise at all. But the real question is, how would the Twi-hards take it? Of course, you know they want all of that sparkly vampire goodness to themselves.

Update: On the other hand, there are two sides to every story. We’ve just heard that even though the duo did shoot something for “Harper’s Bazaar”, that they are not confirming anything. Way to keep the Twilight buzz going, guys. According to Examiner, “A source close to production told them Pattinson and Stewart “do NOT” discuss whether or not they’re a couple.” Figures they’d keep us guessing.