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kevin & joe interview in zurich

joe shuts down the interviewer after he asks about their purity rings @ 2:05! why do they always get so pissed whenever people ask about them? maybe they shouldn’t have made it so publicly known that they wear them if they weren’t gonna like being asked about it all the time. however, i do understand where they’re coming from with just wanting to talk about their music, and i liked the way joe handled it for the most part. thanks migglettes & electricskiess.



disney stars talk about twilight!!

selena-gomez-and-the-sceneAdd Joe Jonas to the list of Edward supporters. “For a lot of guys, they want superpowers,” Joe said, favoring Edward. “He’s a vampire, but he’s pretty strong and stuff.” With the scales tipped in Edward’s favor, someone had to support the underdog. “This question is so hard. I don’t know, I like them both,” Taylor Lautner’s friend Selena Gomez said. “I have to chose one of them? I don’t know, I guess Team Jacob, ’cause I want to be a good friend.”Gomez’s pal Demi Lovato just couldn’t pick a side. “Edward Cullen — I would write a love song to him,” the singer/actress said, before giddily adding, “Or Jacob Black!” thanks hormoaning!