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Now Where is the Limited Too…?

Fashion Fail - Mom Jeans for MenSubmitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

Well this was a surprising scroll-down. The top half looks like that weird old guy who hangs out in the food court at the mall, and the bottom half looks like the thirteen-year-old girls that he leers at while they’re on their way to the Aeropostale.


Paper Nike Kicks & More

paper nikes blue Nikes
nike paper-shoes-box

Nikes are pretty “in” I would say right now. I see lots of hipster kids walking around with tight pants and giant nikes all the time. Nike is really quite the genius brand, the way they weaseled their way into the skater/hipster crowd. Anyways, I saw this post these sweet paper kicks on this site yesterday and I just had to pass them on. Designer David Browning, an illustrator attending UWE in Bristol, has so many paper creations! I couldn’t believe it. Now that you’ve seen his shoes, check out his cool boxes.

apple book
popcorn loaf

I saved my favorite for last. Pop Up Books!

island1 hydra9

If you feel inspired, stock up on Color Paper at Shoplet.com.