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87-Year-Old Pulled Over For Tailgating, Then Arrested For The 207 Pounds Of Cocaine

An 87-year-old horticulturist in Michigan was pulled over last Friday for tailgating, and when police brought in drug-sniffing dogs after the man refused to let his pickup be searched, they found $2.9 million dollars’ worth of cocaine in his trunk. The man claims he was forced at gunpoint to transport the drugs, and was released on $10,000 bail pending a court hearing next month. Moral of the story: if you’re carrying 104 kilos of cocaine, mind your following distance


Car Thief Traps Himself Inside The Car He Stole

A guy in Prince George, B.C., who jumped in an idling Chevrolet Corvette , rolled up the power windows and locked the doors, and tried to drive off with it… only to have it go dead minutes later. Turns out the owner had just started recharging the car’s dead battery, and without enough power to restart it, the thief was stuck inside . When the police showed up, they were more than happy to help him out of the car, and into a jail cell.