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Celebrities Take to Twitter to Share Their Disgust About the #Brexit Vote

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Lindsay Lohan wasn’t the only one tweeting during the Brexit vote last night. Celebrities across the pond were also getting into the action. Mostly, with the soul purpose to scare the sh*t out of millennials.

The vote passed with 52% and the United Kingdom has officially chucked a deuce to the European Union.

So, how is this going to effect you? Well, according to Twitter, you should probably go to church because the world is DOOMED.


Neil McCabe Messed Up Big Time When He Tried to Defend Gun Crime to the UK

Sit down Neil McCabe.

“It’s just part of life, I think,” proposes McCabe at one point, when he’s confronted with the unavoidable fact that more than 130 people have already died from gun violence in the U.S. this year.

This is where Snow channels his inner GoT Jon Snow, and goes off in the most effective, yet vaguely stoic way possible.

“No, it’s part of death, Mr. McCabe,” responds Snow. “That’s death. That’s dead people, people who have died as a result of guns.”

Stand up. Now leave Neil McCabe.