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phone bills sure you can call anywhere in the universe but you might not want to (Matt Smith) Submitted by: WingedPegasus Via: Created by WingedPegasus






Miley Cyrus to Dress up as Dolly Parton For Birthday?

Miley Cyrus Out At A Studio In Los AngelesTeen star MILEY Cyrus is planning to dress up as Dolly Parton for her 17th birthday.  The Hannah Montana actress — whose birthday is in November — says she can’t wait to pay homage to her big-breasted idol. “I really want to do a Dolly Parton themed party for my 17th but it’s going to be really cold so I don’t want to go to Dollywood because it’s going to be freezing,” Miley said. “But I want all my friends to come and rent out a place and play all Dolly Parton music and have everyone dress up as their favourite Dolly moment.” Miley recently called for a worldwide ban on the social-networking website Twitter.“I am doing so much better now without Twitter,” she said. “I think Twitter should be banned from this universe. People want to know everything but you need to get out and be healthy and be in the world instead of crouching over a website all the time. “All I did in my time off was lie in bed on my computer and sit in bed and eat ice cream and just lay there late at night. “I ended up not living my life and saying things that are really no one else’s business. I’m not really a big fan of the Internet anymore. I don’t really go online anymore.”