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17-Year-Old Marries a 71-Year-Old Woman Three Weeks After Their First Date


Almeda Errell (71) and Gary Hardwick (now 18) were married just three weeks after meeting at Almeda’s son’s funeral.

Gary, who’s previous girlfriend was 77, tied the not to his “dream woman” in a ceremony he arranged for just £137 in six days.

The romance was first really recognized both sat next to each other at a Chuck E Cheese’s for his aunt’s daughter’s birthday. From then on, they started seeing each other every night, and got the blessing of most friends and family.


These 13 Cringeworthy Wedding Proposals Will Make You Hurt Inside


Hollywood has dramatized the wedding proposal so much that the bar has been raised to unreachable heights. Men out there are trying their best to give that special someone the fantasy proposal they’ve always dreamed of.

Still, there are some who been in a loving relationship for years and just want to get the proposal over with… Here are some of those people who couldn’t give any less fu*ks.



Taylor Swift Crashed This Swift-Loving Jersey-Couple's Wedding For the Best Reason

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Back in April the groom’s sister, Ali sent Swift a heart-wrenching letter telling the pop princess that Max wed Kenya in the hospital so their dying mother wouldn’t miss out on the experience. Max and his mother even danced to Swift’s “Blank Space” for their mother-son dance before his mother passed soon thereafter.

After months of coordinating with Ali, T. Swift went to the Brant Beach Yacht Club in Brant Beach, New Jersey and crashed Max Singer and Kenya Smith’s wedding.




A Maternity Photo Shoot Turned into an Engagement Shoot When Guy Secretly Proposed to Girlfriend


Louis Bruno his girlfriend Lorenza Pardo definitely got their money’s worth when they set up a maternity photo shoot. Lorenza’s best friend put everything together and she was Lorenza completely blown away by the surprise proposal.

“When I saw the ring, I truly couldn’t believe it” Pardo admitted. “Louis and I have talked about marriage plenty of times over the years, and we’ve known that we wanted to spend our futures together, but in that moment, I couldn’t believe it was happening.”