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Alberta Darling Totally Looks Like Scorpius

Alberta Darling Totally Looks Like Scorpius I can see the resemblance. But, really, I think that the resemblance can be afforded to most Republicans. Lying, cheating, torturous, risking the lives of people around them, and sometimes being alright in the eyes of the masses.


Please Give

Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s response to Representative Sean Duffy’s claims he struggles to make ends meet on a $174,000 salary. I donated my entire monocle collection, except the one I use to get a closer look at the riff raff. Submitted by: Unknown




What Are You Doing This Sunday?

According to Sarah Palin, President Obama is leading this country down the “Road of Ruin.” To help highlight this penetrating criticism, Tea Partiers are calling for a protest on March 13th. What they are asking you to do is to pull your gas guzzler car over to the side of the road and honk your horn in protest of Obama. This coincides perfectly with my own, personal protest against car horn honking