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When They Were Young

Top to bottom: Stephen Harper, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, David Cameron. (Stephen Harper = surprisingly dreamy?) Submitted by: Unknown




Rappin’ Nerdy

“Obama, Reid, Pelosi” by the Young Cons. (That’s street slang for “conservatives,” in case you aren’t cool or have a genetic disorder than prohibits you from figuring out abbreviations.) Political messages aside, my advice to these privileged young men would be to cut down the nerdy references. Sure, sure, Kanye gives shout outs to Thundercats and Lupin III, but when you mention Pinky and the Brain, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, and Finding Nemo all in one song, you sorta lose whatever street cred you earn from going to Dartmouth.



Charlie Sheen’s Poetry: Oh Jeez…

Just a few creepy poems by Charlie Sheen, or should I say Abraham Lincoln?? Via ontd A Thoughtless Soul – By Charlie Sheen As he pulled his head, From the drool stained pillow, His eyes blood red, His oxygen shallow. Feet on carpet, That pain to fight, These are the effects, Of another night.





new jersey what the hell is a snookie (Snooki) LoL by: iamtheway Picture by: Unknown






Young & Innocent: Voldemort never stood a chance (Harry Potter) LoL by: alpstarscub Picture by: Unknown


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