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Youtuber PewDiePie Got Evicted From His Apartment for Making Too Many Weird Noises

PewDiePie, is a Youtuber we all know for two things: making loud noises while playing video games and making insane amounts of money from the videos of that.

People on the internet love to hate him but you can’t help but feel a little bad for him now that he’s been evicted for making too much noise. The situation would be hilarious (if you’re one of the haters) if it weren’t for the real reason behind his eviction.

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Guy Pranks a YouTube Prankster, Prankster Calls the Cops

If you ever thought people who make their living pulling “pranks” on YouTube would be a good sport about getting pranked, you’ve got another thing coming.

Jack Jones, known for such stellar pranks as “do you want to see my nuts,” “excuse me I think I’ve done a poo, can you wipe my bum?,” “YOU WANNA SEE MY D*CK PART 3,” and “BEING A MENACE PART 3 . GONE WRONG !!!” was just strolling along with three friends when a dude slapped a slice of pizza in his face. He got mad and called the police. COME ON JACK, IT’S JUST A PRANK!