Taylor Swift Admits It’s Not Easy to Forget Joe Jonas

SPL72106_001Though her romance with Joe Jonas has been over since October 2008, Taylor Swift has admitted that she finds it hard to forget her famous ex-boyfriend because she constantly sees his face everywhere. Being asked whether or not she finds getting over the break-up is easy, she told Showbiz Spy, “Not when they’re on pencil sharpeners, T-shirts and the sides of buses, like Joe!”

However, the country singer believed when she finds the right man in the future, she will totally forget the member of . “But, some day, I’ll find the right person [and] I won’t even remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 27 seconds,” she stated. Before finding the right man, Taylor confessed that her mother is always with her and helps her to “keep it real.”

“When you start making your way up it’s easy to surround yourself with people who just say yes to you all the time and tell you just what you want to hear, and my mom will never ever do that,” Taylor continued talking about her mother. She then added, “She is not afraid of hurting my feelings or telling me something I don’t want to hear. It keeps me real and grounded.”


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