Taylor Swift Is Making Lots Of Money From Kanye’s Insult

nyfw celebs at bryant park 180909Phenom starlet of the year & country “princess” Taylor Swift was spotted Thursday in cheeky spirits for photographers in NYC, rebounding nicely after Monday’s VMA incident involving Kanye West and his epic display of douche-baggery. Though, Taylor earned a brand-new stash of riches thanks to her 10-minutes of drunken-rap guy troubles. The trade-off of her short-lived traumatic experience on MTV ends up WELL worth the hassle! In case you’ve failed to realize the true nature of this beast, consider: Taylor stands to gain roughly $1.5-$2+ million dollars from the drama, courtesy of self-proclaimed “godsend,” Kanye West.

Surely the mass media and haters can’t blame the dude forever, and even Mr. Jay-Z admits in his quote:  “he didn’t kill anybody. It was rude sure, but he’s just…a super passionate person.”

Yeah, right Mr. Z…perhaps the Passion for manifesting something non-existent and similar to a modern-day Jesus-Christ he once portrayed continues to plague Kanye’s mind?One certainty is clear: he should change his name to a more accurate representation, like Kanye Midas instead, ’cause this guy will straight-up shazaam the fuck out yo piles of dog shit or whatever, zapping those worthless turds into pure golden ingats!

All jokes aside, there shall be no further Kan-thievery of Ms. Swifty light here, so shuffle forward towards our original intent for this post: Taylor’s hot, sassy red Fashion Week pictures in NYC! Additional shots & full set is waiting inside when you hit the jump. source.


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