That’s a Deal Breaker, Ladies!

Have you ever flipped open a US Weekly to the celebrity gossip section and wondered (probably aloud), “What the hell does she see in him?! She could do so much better!” Who Got A Better Deal? takes your favorite celebrity couples and asks you to weigh in on which half lucked out and which half…didn’t.

tom cruise and katie holmes
All the other stars are in Hollywood today. Tom and Katie? Still in Crazytown. And who wouldn’t want to be the First Lady of Crazytown? Better deal goes to Kate on this one. Best of luck as you climb the ladder of Scientology. Say, “What up” to the aliens for me.
robert pattinson, kristin stewart
SWF seeks SWM to costar in teen vampire flicks and make out in dark corners on the DL. Me: rocking a femullet and surly grimace. You: Don’t mind.
jon and kate gosselin
I love this photo. I have it framed next to my TV – to remind me of Jon’s pre-paunchy, Ed Hardy-wearing, walking-DUI-dating, hanging-with-Michael-Lohan days, when Kate was still the bad guy. So who got the better deal here? I mean, other than Kate’s hair stylist who’s laughing at his whole The Emperor’s Got a Rad Haircut trick, who really got the better deal? I’m voting for the kids on this one, who yes, may have years of therapy ahead of them, but plenty of TLC moolah to pay for it (not to mention the pending book deals for the sure-to-be bestseller I Was a Gosselin).


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