The “UGLEE Pen.” True?


I’m all for unique office products especially ones that make life more comfortable. I stumbled across the Uglee Pen this morning and have been thinking about it ever since. The website does look a lot like an infomercial (and I love infomercials) but the pen does look really comfortable to hold on to.

Dr James Lee, the inventor of UGLEE, has made it his mission in life to make a “truly comfortable, ergonomic pen.” Yes he admits that it is not as great as curing cancer but, and I will agree, a pen that will make writing comfortable and protect your from that scary carpal tunnel syndrome is well worth the time.

Our friend OfficeSupplyGeek did a great review of Dr. Lee’s pen concluding- “I really enjoyed writing with this pen, its definitely in a class of its own, and if you have ever had any issues with writing discomfort I highly suggest you give this pen a try.”

I haven’t tried the pen but I would like to offer my shallow review. Yes pens should be comfortable and I am well-known in my family for holding my pen like a cave man which makes writing uncomfortable. I’ve suffered many years with the dent on my ring finger from writing too much and having to stop and rub my hand because it’s so sore. But. I’ve also suffered with bad knees and cramped feet from wearing flats and shoes that have no arch support. Do I ever want to switch over to Crocs or wearing running shoes all the time?

I really do respect comfort but it’s hard for me to fully support something if amcompletely sacrificing style. Crocs might help my knee problems but not feeling respectable about what I’m wearing is not worth it to me. The same goes with Mr. UGLee Pen. Yes I bet it’s a pleasure to use and yes I bet I could write a lot longer and faster with that thing but sparkly lumpy gel grip and a logo that reminds me of Goose Bumps doesn’t really inspire me to switch. I’m just saying.

Sorry if I have offended anyone with my extremely shallow, unqualified review. If you have tried out this pen, fight for it in the comments below! (And if you love Crocs..well I will try to listen to your argument too.)


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