Ukrainian Astronomers Officially Name a Star "Putin is a D-ckhead"

The Kepler Astroseismic Science Consortium has a funding project called the Pale Blue Dot Project, which allows anyone to purchase naming rights to a star for the astronomically (see what I did there?) low price of $10.00. A group of Ukrainian astronomers did just that, and elected to name a star “Putin-Huilo,” with “huilo” being Ukrainian slang for “d-ckhead,” “a-hole,” or “dipsh-t.” The astronomers got the name from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsia’s now-famous outburst in June, in which he yelled “Putin is a d*ckhead!” in front of an angry crowd outside the Russian embassy in Kiev. The diss may seem rather pedestrian to the rest of us, but it’s rather unique coming from a government official