Zac Efron Traumatizes Little Girls

57184298A confused Courteney Cox had to console her five-year-old daughter after a surprise meeting with Zac Efron – because the tot was left “traumatized” by the handsome Hollywood hunk. The former Friends star arranged for boy-crazy Coco to meet the High School Musical star after realizing her little girl had developed a crush on the teen idol. But Cox was left stunned when her daughter was crippled by shyness as she stood before her musical hero – and ran into another room to escape Efron’s beaming smile.

She explains, “Coco gets these huge crushes on people. One day we decided to surprise her and invite Zac Efron over. We didn’t tell her he was coming – she just loves him. We had a video camera up and we told her to close her eyes, (then said) ‘Open them now!’ She freaked out. She was traumatized and ran to her room… She was like, ‘Oh no! I don’t want to go out there!’ I was trying to help her and she said, ‘Well, it’s his face!’” However Cox, who is married to David Arquette, admits Coco wasn’t the only one with a crush on Efron. She jokes, “I looked at Zac and I was like, he’s hot. I was so attracted to him, but I ran into the room (to console Coco).” sources.


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