Follow Him for 365 Green Ideas

Recently I came across a blog with a dedicated environmentalist. 365 Days to Go Green He doesn’t seem like one of those people you talk to who are snobby and all about living a “green life,” just someone that is realistic and makes a small effort everyday to do something that will either be better for the environment or to not do something that will hurt the environment.

He hasn’t made it a whole year yet. Today is Day 72 (that’s pretty impressive!) and it looks like he’s not slowing down yet.  Instead of listing all 72, here’s my five of my favorites. (disclaimer: you may see some shirtless images!)

1. Get plants for your apartment! Clean the air, plus it looks nice


2. Use old T-shirts (or old towels) to clean instead of paper towels. (I’m a HUGE advocate of this one. It’s amazing how fast you can go through a roll of paper towels. Imagine the money you could save if you didn’t have to buy paper towels every five seconds.)


3. Reuse paper to write down notes. Use scraps of paper to write down quick notes.


4. Unplug unused electronics at night. I wish I was better at this one! This is much easier to do if you have everything plugged into a surge protector.


5. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. This is a no-brainer. Take the elevator up 2 floors or walk up 2 flights of stairs. Exercise + Green. Those that live on the 22nd can take the elevator, but take the stairs whenever you can! It’s better for you.


Have any simple ideas to try? Share them in a comment below! We’d love to know how to make our lives greener and well easier. (Plus, shop our selection of green office supplies and make your office more environmentally friendly!)


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