Nick Jonas cameo in The Last Song?

Hottie Nick Jonas Cameo in The Last Song? (NOT CONFIRMED!) This is what I’ve been told: One of your Favorite Stars, is going to be on “The Last Song”. Trust us, you will never guess who it is. It’s not written on the book either. He will appear on the background in the Festival. So, keep your eyes opened for him. Hint: A lot of Girls would have noticed him, even if we didn’t tweet it. Hint: The Person who is going to be on The Movie in the Background.. Came to Tybee for a few Days.. (That’s All Were Saying!) It was Tish Cyrus (Executive Producer) Idea to put that Person in the background. Who came to visit Miley in Tybee? None other than Nick Jonas! thanks fizzy_xoxo!


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