Staples with Tracking Devices.

Sounds scary right? Don’t worry, staples are still for paper. Swingline has come up with a new idea for staples with RFID (radio frequency identification tags.) So when you’re rummaging through giant stacks of paper looking for a report or wondering which trash can your colleague might have dumped it in you can track it down! Hallelujah.

rfid_staples copy

This does seem like a great addition to any office. I think I would push for these a lot more than RFID employee badges. Thanks to Ubisense for creating those.  As DVICE put it:

“Our malevolent overlords — er, bosses — can make sure we’re all where we’re supposed to be. Say, Jeff and Karen have been in that office supply closet for a long time… and why does Davis keep going to the bathroom?”

What’s even worse is that they can implement this system with our knowledge.

[via Engadget]

On a happier note,  visit for a site dedicated to staplers. Sick of stapling? Now you can virtually staple. Plus, they have collections of poems about staples. Just like this one:

There was an older stapler from Peru
Who was dying from nothing to do
When along came a bum
Who with one swig of rum
Stapled some new cardboard shoes.


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