Stay OUT of my cubicle


So, I won’t lie, we are pretty busy around here! It’s the holidays and getting ready for that is always crazy. This post may be short but the product suggestion is important.

Everyone likes to be friendly and helpful most of the time right? But sometimes you come into work with a purpose, ready to own it  and get stuff done. It’s really hard to get stuff in when people constantly drop by to ask about this or that. I know I drive our IT department crazy with little questions all the time. When I saw the cubeguard (spotted on fresh trends btw), I wished I had $19.99 to buy it for every person and I also wished we had actual cubicles (we do the side by side desk sort of thing.)

You can display many messages with your cubeguard- including keep your mouth zipped shut:


You think vacations are defined by cheesy sunglasses and a leather suitcase (feel free to use this one even if you are sitting there, could be funny right?)

They even sell custom cubeguards! This would make me feel less ticked, I do like mountains.



I really feel proud of the cubeguard. I don’t even know how they chose that name. Guarding your cube? from who? It should be called like a cubeseal (sealing your cube from intruders) or cuberope (like the ropes they have at the oscars) or….you get my point.

I also love the idea of having someone come up to talk to you  and they are literally 2 feet from your face and they just have to see that sign. You don’t even have to look at them because your cube is guarded. Okay enough about cube guards. If you want one, get it HERE !


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