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Woman Stabs Husband Over "Terrible Dump"

A japanese woman has allegedly slashed her husband across the face after he left the bathroom in a less than usable state.  The man had been eating Pepper Jack Cheez-Its® (I can only assume it was an unconscionable amount) prior to the dump in question. Via Metro: Her anger was further fuelled when he tried to help their 3-year-old son use the toilet ‘without washing his own hands first’, she said, Jiji Press and other local media reported



Doodles Are the New Pickup Lines

Matt Christiansen has created a tumblr to his new method of giving his number to “pretty girls.” He writes them a little note, draws a little doodle and then tells them, “you dropped this.” I imagine he scampers away happily as the pretty girl reads it, but who knows. Submitted by: Tagged: pickup lines , wtf , doodles , awesome







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