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Drama Plagues a Small Town as They Argue Over This Seagull With Boobs

image wtf statue Drama Plagues a Small Town as They Argue Over This Seagull With Boobs

This weird seagull statue (or would you call it a boobie?) resides in New Bedford, MA and the question of whether to keep the statue is pitting the town residents against each other.

There is one petition by a Raymond C. to remove the statue and a competing petition for Raymond to remove his petition.

While the original petition argues the statue makes the town look silly, the competing petition says it’s as much a part of the town as any other art:

“New Bedford is so full of art and out of the ordinary things it would be silly to remove this glorious statue.” …. “This man is just clearly uncomfortable by the female form and hates the art.”

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An update to the statue removal petition clarified itself after that backlash with, “I never said it wasn’t art, but it is bad art.”

The creator of this statue, Donna Dodson, has done many others, like this panda.

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The so-called “Seagull Cinderella” as she titled the New Bedford piece was installed in 2012.


Madonna Accidentally Exposes a Teen Model During a Weird Segment of Her Concert in Australia

It seems like nothing is going right for Madonna during her Australian tour. She’s already made headlines for being accused of performing under the influence and for another concert that started two hours late.

Apparently, this latest incident was during some kind of butt spanking interlude which stars like Ariana Grande have previously participated in. This time, 17-year-old Australian model, Josephine Georgiou, was the honored recipient.

With just a tug on her shirt, Madonna caused a wardrobe malfunction that obviously left everyone a little surprised. A lot of people are pretty upset about this because of Georgiou’s age and because Madonna’s “recovery” included some joking about sexual harassment. Don’t feel embarrassed on Georgiou’s account, though. She told Courier Mail, “Only I get to decide if I’m humiliated or not. Why would people assume I am humiliated by my own breast, nipple or body?”


Tinder Experiment Shows That When it Comes to Getting Men's Attention, Size Does Matter

tinder breast size Tinder Experiment Shows That When it Comes to Getting Men's Attention, Size Does Matter

Cosmetic surgery group MYA conducted an experiement using this woman’s image to create two fake Tinder profiles. The profiles were identical except for two things, the researchers digitally enhanced “Carla’s” cleavage in one profile to see if it would get a different response. Each profile swiped right on 1000 men.

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The larger busted Carla got 34% more matches. They also got different interactions from the men she matched with.

Men seemed more interested in getting to know “A-cup Carla”

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The more voluptious Carla got many more comments on her appearance.

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The researchers concluded that going up one cup size would boost attractiveness to men by 9%. Keep in mind that this experiment was run by a cosmetic surgery group.

Even MYA itself warns that, “while this was a fun experiment, it’s important that if you’re seriously considering breast enlargement that you do so for your own body confidence and personal choice, not to please the opposite sex.”