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Lady's H&M Facebook Rant Over Tiny Sizing Sparks Comment Onslaught


Ruth Clemens opened up the Facebook floodgates after posting a rant on H&M’s page about her struggle to squeeze into a pair of jeans and medium top.

Once Ruth posted her grievance, it seemed that the entire internet decided to join in and take advantage of the opportunity to complain about, well, anything.

H&M did their best ease the tension with generic copy/pasted responses, but the onslaught of complaints was just too much.



People on the Internet Refuse to Let This Girl Have Another Lonely Birthday


Rebecca Lyn shared a photo of her 18-year-old cousin Hallee to Facebook on Tuesday, June 7th and the internet has responded.

Hallee, who has autism, patiently waited for her friend’s to show up for her bowling alley birthday party last year, but nobody did… This year, it’s her 19th birthday and Rebecca refuses to let Hallee feel alone again.

This post has been shared over 154,000 times. Giving us hope that Hallee will have the happiest of birthdays!




Someone Hacked Mark Zuckerberg's Social Media Accounts Because His Password Was Dumb

image hacking mark zuckerberg Someone Hacked Mark Zuckerberg's Social Media Accounts Because His Password Was Dumb

A hacker group called OurMine logged on to Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin accounts this weekend with his terribly unsafe password: dadada. Fortunately for him, it appears not to be a very malicious hack, they left messages on his profiles saying, “We are just testing your security”. This has sparked a lot of talk about internet and password security. It’s also garnered some snarky comments about the way Facebook deals with your information.

via @PrisonPlanet