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Facebook Scammer Threatens Dude's Life After Getting Trolled HARD With Adele Lyrics


A sexy looking Facebook scammer tried to seduce him but Reddit user sebastiankirk (real name Frank Flemming Jensen) was not having it.

Instead, Frank decided to respond from the other side with lyrics from Adele’s hit song “Hello”.

Sandra seemed completely oblivious up until the point where she LOST HER DAMN MIND and started making death threats.

Yikes…. some scammers can’t take a joke.

(h/t dailymail)




Husband Leaves Heartwarming Facebook Note to His Wife Who Always Eats Alone


Being a nurse might be one of the most under appreciated jobs there is.

Philip Urtz sees his wife come home and unwind after arduous 14-hour shifts and can’t help but feel for her. Jessica (his wife) is always coming home during the late hours of the night. Making it difficult to arrange a proper sit down dinner. Because of this Philip decided to write a touching note to let his wife know he understands the struggle.


Australian Man Pleads Guilty to Facebook Harassment, Faces 3 Years in Prison


It’s all troll and games until somebody makes a “rape” joke.

Back in August, Olivia Melville was the subject of a online abuse after a screenshot of her Tinder profile was uploaded to a stranger’s Facebook page. A mutual friend alerted Olivia and soon her friends came to her defense. That’s when things got heated.

The post began picking up traction across Facebook, until one person (Zane) began dropping rape threats and other violence towards Olivia.

Now, Zane faces 3 years in prison.