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Restaurant of the Day: A Male Version of Hooters Called Tallywackers is Opening in Texas

Amy Schumer’s joke is becoming a reality… sort of. A new bar/restaurant called Tallywackers is coming to Dallas this May that will feature scantily clad men showing off their pecs, abs and bulges while you dine on your breasts (of chicken). In case you were wondering, “tallywacker” is another word for penis, or as Urban Dictionary defines it “my gargantious third member.” And if you think you have one and live in Texas, they’re hiring .




Woman Stabs Husband Over "Terrible Dump"

A japanese woman has allegedly slashed her husband across the face after he left the bathroom in a less than usable state.  The man had been eating Pepper Jack Cheez-Its® (I can only assume it was an unconscionable amount) prior to the dump in question. Via Metro: Her anger was further fuelled when he tried to help their 3-year-old son use the toilet ‘without washing his own hands first’, she said, Jiji Press and other local media reported




Doodles Are the New Pickup Lines

Matt Christiansen has created a tumblr to his new method of giving his number to “pretty girls.” He writes them a little note, draws a little doodle and then tells them, “you dropped this.” I imagine he scampers away happily as the pretty girl reads it, but who knows. Submitted by: Tagged: pickup lines , wtf , doodles , awesome