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Taylor Swift's Myspace Comments Will Take You Right Back to 2005

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Before there was Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of other sites for people to vaguely post their feelings, there was Myspace. Some kind people on the internet have taken screenshots of what are (allegedly) Taylor Swift’s old Myspace comments. These are so wonderfully dated, it will remind you of when you were a teen making inside jokes and quoting ‘Sahara’ just like her.






Bubba Sparxxx Lost Weight and Twitter Can't Believe He Looks Just Like a Normal Dude

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You may remember hip hop artist Bubba Sparxxx from his biggest hit, “Miss New Booty”. It seems like he’s changed a lot since then, he’s about to marry a former Miss Iowa and he also got quite a bit thinner. Now that he’s older, he’s also taken to wearing “normal people” clothes instead of hip hop fashion. People of the internet are very amused by this new “accountant” look and Bubba has not missed an opportunity to respond.




'The Lion King' Becomes a Slightly Different Story When Retold as If Simba and Nala Were "From the Hood"

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‘The Lion King’ is a fondly remembered Disney movie about a lion who becomes king. Hence the title. Twitter user @SINice hilariously reimagined the movie by rewriting Simba and Nala as if they were “from the hood”. Their concerns are a lot more relatable than securing a kingdom but it does seem like they’re having some relationship problems. It’s best to just sit back and let the drama unfold.



Of All the Name Changes That Took Place in the UK Last Year, These Are the Best


85,000 people changed their name last year in the UK. It’s surprisingly easy to change your name there, it costs £33 for an adult and you can use any name that has a first and last name, isn’t vulgar or impossible to pronounce and doesn’t have a made up title or any numbers or symbols. That leaves a lot to work with which is why these wonderful names are now legally acceptable, real names of real people.




The Internet Tried to Top Jeb Bush's Latest Tweet but It's so Ridiculous Everything Else Just Falls Short

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Jeb Bush woke up today thinking, “What is America?” That’s when he ran out and bought a gun so that he could Tweet the most ‘Murica Tweet that has ever been posted with complete sincerity. The obvious stream of memes followed but, unfortunately for Jeb, it was really hard to top the original punchline/genuine attempt at a heartfelt, patriotic Tweet. That isn’t to say they aren’t worth reading, some of them may even inspire you to clap.

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