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Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against Your Dignity

Fashion Fail - Sweet Prison Suit Dude!
Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

THIS is why I can never fully relax. I don’t necessarily envision myself being dragged from the house by law enforcement (YET), but any number of things (fire, earthquake, clearance sale on Cadbury Mini Eggs) could drive one out of the house at a moment’s notice. One minute you’re relaxing in front of the television in your fuzzy lion slippers (or, in my case, relaxing in front of a martini in my footie pajamas) and the next, BAM, you’re running down the sidewalk shouting something about bunny rabbits making chicken sounds. Embarrassing.



Well Don’t You Look Jolly?

Bad Hair - Under The MistletoeSubmitted by: Anna

Well, Merry Christmas guys. This year we saw rompers treated as actual clothing to be worn out of the house, the return of harem pants, and a pantsless cokehead consulting a one of France’s big fashion houses, Here’s hoping that the insanity continues in 2010, because what the hell else are we going to talk about?

I’m off to don my gay apparel (oversized reindeer sweater and UGGs), so have a great Christmas!

Now where did I put my eggnog-scented body spray?


Green Gift Wrapping

No one loves to wrap presents more than I do. Seriously. I love saving ribbons and tissue paper and cool newspapers written in foreign languages and boxes, etc. For those I really love, sometimes I’ll pull out a piece of my beloved fabric to wrap up their presents. I just use it like normal wrapping paper and I think it turns out pretty nice. A few weeks ago I discovered this magical way to wrap up presents.

Get rid of all that old fabric you have lying around the house or get some really cute christmas fabric at the store that they can use again! (Plus it will look like you’re really creative.) Shopping for presents for the Holidays? Visit our Holiday Gift Center! Find presents for everyone on your list plus party supplies, batteries (for all those new toys!), and shipping supplies to send presents to all those far-away loved ones.Have any eco-friendly wrapping ideas? Comment below!


Taylor Swift: Vegas Charity Chick (PHOTOS)

taylor-swift-10179-8She’s always looking for ways to use her fame to benefit good causes, and Saturday night (October 17) Taylor Swift was in the house for the Justin Timberlake and Friends: A Special Evening Benefitting Shriners Hospitals for Children. The “Should’ve Said No” songstress looked lovely as she took the stage at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to perform a hit-laden set. As she was preparing to being her portion of the concert, Timberlake assured the crowd that Miss Swift wouldn’t be rudely interrupted by any Kanye-style antics. Justin announced, “Don’t worry, guys, I got security on the sides, so no one can come up and ruin her set.” Also on the docket was Timberlake himself, Jay Sean, Snoop Dogg, and Alicia Keys.