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You’re Fired

Bad Hair - Nice sleevesSubmitted by: Anna

Listen, kid, there are certain things that you just don’t do. You don’t mess with a mama bear’s cubs unless you want to get mauled. You don’t refuse another serving of meatballs from your grandma unless you want to get slapped upside the head. You don’t run with scissors unless you want… actually I never knew what the big deal was about running with scissors.

And you certainly don’t steal The Donald’s hairstyle unless you want to get sued into next week.

Bad Hair: You too, you’re fired. You're all fired. Fired fired fired.Submitted By: Alan R

No one dilutes The Donald’s brand identity, see? Well, except that idiot Ivanka. But she’s family. What can you do?


Taylor Swift Sells Out in Minutes!!

taylor-fearless-tourFearless singer Taylor Swift’s first batch of tickets for her 2010 tour went on sale today- selling out in just a couple of minutes! Wow! Tickets for the four concerts on the New York area were sold out within two minutes of going on sale, said her representative, which is not surprising since the “Fearless” album has been atop of the billboard music charts for 24 weeks. Looks like you’re gonna have to act super fast if you want to get to one of her shows next year! The Platinum Edition of Taylor’s hit album Fearless is set to be released next month, with 6 brand new songs on it!



Get Your Very Own Taylor Swift Guitar

SPL126138_003Taylor Swift has teamed up with Taylor Guitars to release her own Baby Taylor Guitar. It is a model that is sure to inspire players of all skill levels with its compact size, full-voiced tone and a top that features Swift’s design touches.  The guitar will be available in late October. Check out the guitar HERE. Read more of the press release below. Based on the best-selling Baby Taylor guitar, the TSBT is ideal for both promising players and accomplished pickers. At three-quarters the size of a standard dreadnought, with a slim 1 11/16-inch neck and a comfortably compact shape, the guitar is just right for both the littlest player’s hands and anyone who likes to pick up and play on the go. With the new model, Swift
hopes to inspire others to express themselves through music. “I wanted to
share my passion for playing guitar with my fans,” she says. “For a beginner,
finding the right guitar can be intimidating, but this guitar, it’s the
perfect size. Even if you’ve been playing for years, it’s a great size to
travel with.”

The TSBT is crafted from a resilient sapele laminate body with a solid Sitka
spruce top. Swift’s design, which encircles the guitar’s soundhole, features
her well-known expression “Love, Love, Love” among delicate vines. The design
also commemorates the songwriting spirit and success of her latest album,
Fearless, whose title is inscribed above the bridge along with her signature.

Swift, who shares a close relationship with Taylor Guitars and regularly uses
a variety of Taylor guitars when both performing and recording, fondly
remembers her own Baby Taylor as a go-to guitar during her early days of
touring. “I used to sit in the back seat of the rental car while I was on my
radio tour at 16, writing songs on my Baby Taylor guitar,” she reflects. “I
love the sound, and I love those memories.”

It’s not just Swift who is excited about this guitar. Taylor dealers
everywhere are also eagerly anticipating its arrival, like Bryan Rankins from
Fazio’s Frets and Friends in St. Louis, Missouri. “It’s not often that I get
excited about another ’signature’ guitar, but when I heard about the Taylor
Swift Baby Taylor, my reaction was much different,” Rankins says. “Here you
have an incredibly gifted young woman who is inspiring young people through
her words and music. When I first saw a picture of the guitar, I knew right
away that it would help spawn a whole new breed of young musicians and give
them something positive that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.”