twihards are butthurt, sel apologizes

Cutie Selena Gomez wants you to know that she never said she doesn’t like Twilight. The Disney darling has been getting a lot of flack from Twi-hards because they’re feeling like she dissed the world’s most talked-about vampire franchise when she told Bonnie Hunt last week that she hasn’t actually seen Twilight. “All I said was that I didn’t watch it and I felt bad for not watching it,” Selena explained to me at yesterday’s American Music Awards. “But of course, now it’s like, ‘I don’t like it.’ That’s not the case.”And Selena is brave enough to admit that—gasp!—she hasn’t read any of Stephenie Meyer’s Twi-novels, either. “I feel bad,” she said. “And I’m sorry if I offended anyone for that.”


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