Work Outfit of the Week. 3.


Heard of Shabby Apple? If you haven’t, well it’s time to check it out. They have insanely cute and unique dresses for not that expensive. Those are all pluses for me!

This week we are focusing on the black dress. The black dress is simple, perfect for any occasion. Why you ask? Well you can dress it up or down, however you like. Add a leather built and patterned tights to dress it down. Add some gold earrings (like those darling gold hoops featured in the picture and mentioned below) to dress it up. I love the cute little flowers, just tack them on the top to add a little color (and a little happiness during this dark and dreary winter!)

Bette D Dress
80’s Baby Gold Bracelets
Flamenco Flowers
Emilia Hoops


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