Break Throughs with Shoplet Bingo Meeting Bingo
Ever notice how many times we all say these cliche phrases?

“It’s a win-win situation”

“Where’s the call to action?”

“At the end of the day, what the customer wants is important”

“Let’s go over the game plan”

“I want to hit the ground running with this project”

“Rather than discuss this now, let’s take it offline”

I don’t know where we get these phrases! But every office around the country is full of people who use them. I don’t believe all “buzzwords” are bad. Sometimes you do want to streamline or optimize a process. I guess we could just say make the process more efficient or faster or better. For some reason when you say streamline little stars go around the word and make it more exciting.

We’ve seen some “buzzword bingo” cards floating around the internet  and we decided to create one of our own- full of phrases we love at Here’s our recommendations for rules:

  1. Print this card
  2. Bring it your meeting, preferably hidden  under a bunch of papers so you look important
  3. Bring a pen or pencil to mark it. You can even write in cursive over it so it looks like you are jotting notes rather than crossing off boxes
  4. If you get bingo, we don’t advise that you yell it. We want you to keep your job. Just poke the guy next to you and point to it. Try to make him laugh and get in trouble instead of you.

You can download the bingo card here on Flickr. Enjoy!

P.s. If you start getting a lot of bingos, you may or may not  be sitting in a meeting at headquarters.


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