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Paradise of the Day: Heaven is Dubai’s Inflatable Waterpark

Lots of people have their own interpretation of heaven, but we can all agree that most of them look like Dubai’s inflatable waterpark, right?

The German manufacturer Wibit Sports installed the new waterpark “dubaiTAG” on Jumeriah Beach in September, and now that we’ve seen this video, we’re trying to get there ASAP. The water jungle gym is “composed of almost 100 modular components that have been arranged into the word D-U-B-A-I to create a giant water park.” In total, the structure, which sits on heavy PVC floating materials, is over 250 feet long and 114 feet wide.

That park can hold 200 people at a time, is attracting tourists and locals, and calls my name.

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Check it out.





Hit of the Day: Justin Bieber Rocks Fan’s World, Punches Him in the Face

Keep your hands to yourself, especially if you’re dealing with Justin Bieber.

Heading to his show last night in Barcelona, Justin “Danger” Beiber was driving through a crowd of fans. He wished them well as drove through, allowing them a glimpse at his royal Biebness. But his trust was quickly taken advantage of. A crazed fan, probably drunk on the power one receives when they lock eyes with Bieber, broke the seal and reached into Bieber’s limo aka the Bieb-mobile aka the Bieber Express aka Derek the Limo. What’s Bieber to do? The only thing an international man of mystery can: Punch him in the face.

That’s right, Bieber gave the fan the old one-two salute right in the jaw, and the fan was left bloodied on the street as Bieber drove away. Put some ice on those knucks, Bieber. You live to fight another day.

Bieber’s fans quickly came to his aide:

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