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Password of the Day: Not “123456,” So Tell 400-million Hacked AdultFriendFinder Subscribers

adult friend finder hacked 400 million accounts stolen bad passwords

Another day, another hack.

For the second time, hackers attacked the website AdultFriendFinder, “one of the world’s largest sex hook-up” sites, known mostly for those ads you assume no one signs up for. Well, they do, so quit judging, dude. In fact, more than 400 million accounts were stolen in the breach, including user information from,, and is more than half of 700 million people that Friend Finder Networks claims uses at least one of their sites.

via Dude It’s Liz

But much like the infamous Ashley Madison hack of 2015, nearly 16-million “deleted” accounts were never removed from FriendFinder databases, and, yup, those were stolen too.

Also, like those attacks we got to take a peek at what kind of passwords people use when visiting sites like AdultFriendFinder. Surprise: They use bad passwords.

Mashable reports:

“The top three most used passwords? ‘123456,’ ‘12345′ and ‘123456789.’”

“LeakedSource also selected some of the longest real passwords it managed to find. Random sample: ‘schrodingersfavouritecat,’ ‘ilovemanchesterunited’ and ‘carlosfromcancun.’”

Look, it’s really simple, if you’re going to use a site like AdultFriendFinder, it’s smart to use a secure password, like something with letters, numerals, and symbols. But also, everything we do is futile because even if you use a secure password, a hacker can just get in there, steal 400 million accounts, and then a bunch of websites can make fun of your password. So maybe just make “¯_(ツ)_/¯” your password and call it day. Just kidding, use strong passwords, people.





Reason to Vote of the Day: “Shame” Will Get You To Vote

What does it take to get you to vote? Is it civic duty? A profound belief in a candidate? Fear of another candidate?

For almost half the American population, none of these things matter because they don’t vote. In fact, only about 56 percent of Americans voted in 2008. There are no numbers on this, but it’s entirely reasonable to think that maybe more people say “Thanks, Obama” than voted for him.

So what does it take? Money? Would you like money out of a candidate’s pocket? Well, that’s not gonna happen, buddy! This is America! We don’t pay for votes here, so take it some place else.

But what about those celebrity videos? Can Stanley Tucci get you to vote?

via Save the Day

Sorry, Tucc. No. Celebrity videos where they guilt you into voting don’t work because they depend on the old theory of “rational self-interest,” i.e. the idea that people will vote based on heavily-reinforced social norms. People don’t operate based on “rational self interest,” do they? People say that they’re going to vote but, in many cases, don’t actually do it.

Over on YouTube, The Nerdwriter found something that just might work: shame. That’s right, if shamed into it, people will vote. He offers some different methods for implementing the age-old practice of shame, like a thing on Facebook that says “I Voted” or, the Scarlett Letter of the digital age, “I Didn’t Vote.”

via Hardware Zone

Check out the video for some more facts about voter turnout. You will sound so smart next time the topic comes up if you do.








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