Kill It With Fire; Buy It With Money

Welcome to a fresh week of limited edition t-shirts available from LOLMart Shirts.

kill it with fire shirt

Today’s LOLMart Shirt of the Day is available to purchase TODAY ONLY, and then it will be gone forever!

But why fire? Hercules used fire to cauterize the heads of the Hydra, stopping them from growing back, and ultimately defeating the wretched beast. In Norse mythology, the fire giant Surtr destroys all nine worlds with fire. That’s the entirety of creation, people. In the bible, God destroyed the city of Sodom, and Gomorrah, and probably other stuff too, with fire.

Acceptable things to kill with fire: Aliens, vampires, mummies, and, according to this shirt, adorable but oversized bunny rabbits!

Unacceptable things to kill with fire: I don’t understand your question.

LOLMart t-shirts are priced at only $15 (that includes FREE US ground shipping!) and make the perfect holiday gift for a friend (or for yourself).

kill it with fire design


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