Miley Hits Up Broadway in New York

58080781Cutie Miley Cyrus was spotted with her family in New York last night on her way to see the Broadway show “Rock of Ages”. Her tour is coming to an end and she’s enjoying New York as much as she can. Earlier this week she went out for sushi with a friend and last night she spent it with family. It’s good to know that she is so close with her family.  I know most girls her age would rather be with their friends then being spotted with family. I guess that just goes to show how mature she is for her age! I know she’s been getting a lot of flack lately because of how she dresses and acts. She was voted the worst influence of 2009.

I think that all this buzz is rediculous. After all Britney Spears dresses just as scandalous and I’m pretty sure has a similar young female fan base. I think parents are upset because Miley is so young. Don’t they remember how they dressed when they were 17? Ok, Ok fashion has evolved since the stone ages. But still. Relax parents! There are worse things to be influenced by then Miley Cyrus! source.


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