Robert Pattinson Starstruck by Zac Efron

ixdr4jTwilight heart throb has recently confessed that he was starstruck when he first met fellow stud Zac Efron. “I met Zac Efron,” Robert dished to the British OK! “He was a really cool guy. That was one of the first times I’d ever been star-struck, but just because his face is so specific, it’s kind of surreal.” Robert also talked about some of the dental work her had done in preperation for his role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.“They tried to fix my teeth,” he said. “And they shaved these little gaps on, they tried to do an Invisalign thing. And I put the Invisalign thing on and was like, ‘I don’t wanna wear that s–t’. “Those gaps between my teeth have decayed and caused me so many problems. That’s the one thing I regret doing because I wasn’t thinking at the time.”


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