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The City On The Edge Of Forever

Click image to enlarge Artist Dan McCarthy is set to release 325 limited edition prints of his latest masterpiece “The City On The Edge Of Forever” tomorrow and I’m guessing this thing is gonna sell out instantly. Based on episode 28 of the original “Star Trek” television series and priced at $40, this poster is serious business. Since the release date is random, I would suggest following MondoNews on Twitter if you’re hoping to score one of these sweet posters.








Sharpay: the reason you watched High School Musical with your little sister. (Ashley Tisdale) LoL by: thespecialist Picture by: Unknown




Just Stick To The Script, Kid…

Leo, we’ve been through this… You can’t keep pushing her off the door and shouting “Mine!”But I’m the pretty one! (Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet/James Cameron) LoL by: killerofthesky Picture by: Unknown

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