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Who Doesn’t Want to Sit on Colbert’s Face?

The good news: This bad boy is still for sale! The bad news: You only have until the sale of my first-born child finalizes to beat me to checkout! Man, I tell you, the first night I sit down to watch “The Colbert Report” while sitting on Colbert’s face is going to be the best night of my life… Source: mattcharlan / Via: The Daily What Submitted by: Unknown



New Year’s Eve: Extra Greasy This Year

New Year's Eve: Extra Greasy This Year

Oh yeah, Jersey yeah! Sorry, I actually sort of love “Jersey Shore” in a weird way. I know, I KNOW I’m a terrible person for it but it can’t be helped. On to the update…

Earlier this week there was a rumor that Snooki would be dropped from inside the MTV countdown ball in Times Square, signifying the greasy gang’s victory over reality television, America and intelligence. Here is the first artistic rendering of what the publicity stunt will look like, courtesy of MTV and D before E, inc.

The new season of “Jersey Shore” premiers January 6, 2011 on MTV. May God have mercy on our souls…

Via The Daily What