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Dude Gets Mistaken for a DJ and Offered a Job, Decides to Just Roll With It


Danny James Elliott shares his name with a DJ in Leeds who must be at least decent, because he was offered a weekly gig at a local club on their busiest night. Unfortunately for DJ Danny, the club promoter picked the wrong Danny Elliott, who happens to be one hell of a troll. Rather than telling the club promoter about the mistake, Danny played along and set himself up for a pretty epic set on Thursday.

Warning: nsfw language ahead. You may want to turn your screen slightly away from sensitive and/or authoritarian eyes.


Stanford Fan Can't Take a Hint & Trolls Bowl Game Interview

Stanford ran train over Michigan State on Saturday, bringing home an impressive 45-16 Rose Bowl victory.

Christian McCaffery put on a heroic performance as the game’s star running-back, but the poor kid couldn’t catch a break from an adrenaline-charged douche who did everything but grab the fu*king microphone and chuck it through the goalpost during McCaffery’s interview.

Real-talk bro, GTFO. There’s fan, superfan, and whatever the heck that guy in the background was. Don’t be that guy.





Chipotle Still Doesn't Have That E. Coli Thing Figured Out, and These Trolls are Taking Full Advantage

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Maybe you haven’t heard? Chipote is trying to kill you. I know, that sounds like hyperbole, but genuinely, there’s been an E. coli, salmonella, and norovirus outbreak plaguing their food for over a month and they still don’t have it under control. They’re really sorry about it, though. Lucky for us, Chipotle’s been served with a little bit of classic internet justice courtesy of fake customer service trolls Hope That Helps.

Warning: strong language ahead.