Trace Cyrus Showing Off New Tattoo

00010741Big bro Trace Cyrus has a new tattoo covering his upper body. Taking to his Twitter page on Friday, November 13, the vocalist of Metro Station posted a picture of the new tattoo that exposes an image of Jesus Christ on the cross, virgin Mary and a word that reads “forgiven”. Along with the image, he tweeted, “Ummm I finished my tattoo. I’m covered now.”  Several hours before posting the picture, Trace released a shot of himself while he had his upper body tattooed. “Me getting tattooed!! Check out this pic! Almost done with my upper body!!! Thanks chris Garcia!!” he wrote. Unfortunately, the picture can no longer be found on his Twitter account.
 Trace Cyrus began tweeting about his plan on having a new body art on Monday, November 8. At that time, he wrote, “The day after tomorrow I’m getting tattooed for 4 days straight! I promise to chat with u all then and let you see me get tatted.”  On the following day, he tweeted, “Tattoo starts tomorrow!!! I’m going to go live on ustream so you can watch!” Then, on Thursday, November 12, the brother of teen sensation Miley Cyrus wrote, “I have 2 more full days of getting tatted! I’ll try to go live! I’m almost done with the front of my upper body. It’s looking amazing. I’ve gotten tattooed atleast 15 hours the past 2 days.” source.


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