Confirmed: Miley Cyrus Is Dating Liam Hemsworth

miley_cyrus_is_dating_liam_hemsworthIt’s been a subject of speculation for a little while now, but we haven’t had any sort of confirmation that Miley Cyrus is actually dating her “Last Song” co-star, Liam Hemsworth. That is, until we uncovered her secret Twitter account.  Even though she’s already deleted her more famous Twitter account @mileycyrus, she’s still tweeting under her “under the radar” account @mismile.

It seems that a lot of the tween stars have several accounts. One for public consumption, and others to secretly tweet back and forth. Hey kiddos, if you want to have private conversations, it’s called “Instant Messenger”. Technology…who knew?!? I’m going to go as far as to say that they wanted to be found out. Just like little Noah Cyrus and her dog Loco’s Twitter account. Or Frankie Jonas and his alter-ego Bonus Jonas.

Miley tweeted this little gem 17 hours ago: I am so done with dumb gossip sites. Honestly, just whatever. I have a boyfriend, no one NEEDS to know every little detail about him or us.


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