Demi likes her AC/DC t-shirt

FP_IMAGE_3965304/FP_SET_3962489Sporting her AC/DC t-shirt, Demi Lovato was spotted making her way around North Hollywood, California on Friday afternoon (November 6). The “Camp Rock” cutie happened to be out for an instructional class, doing her best to avoid eye contact with paparazzi as she strolled along with a few friends.  Meanwhile, Demi has been her usual busy self on her Twitter account, most recently posting a few random thoughts for her faithful followers.Among them, Miss Lovato wrote, “Why are perfume names always so cheesey? There needs to be one called.. Stank.” A few hours earlier, the Disney darling interestingly asked, “Does anybody know if that dangley thing in the back of your throat actually has a purpose?”




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