Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are officially dating? can exclusively confirm that Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are officially dating aka we finally have JEMI!! Demi and Joe have been filming Camp Rock 2 in Toronto for the past couple months and that is when their friendship took a new turn… spoke with one of Demi’s friends earlier today who says, “They are taking it slow. They grew-up together and don’t want to ruin anything.” As well, a family member confirms to, “I can confirm to you Zack that Joe DID NOT have a sleepover with Demi. That was obviously a lie to generate more drama / photo sales. However, they’re seeing each other. They’re meant to be and both families have wanted it / knew it would happen one day.” Demi quickly broke things off with Dirk Mai as soon as she got back to L.A. after getting closer to Joe in Toronto!! Do YOU believe this?

UPDATE: An insider also confirms to that Demi will be recording some vocals on Nick Jonas’ upcoming solo project along with a couple other big named stars!!


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