Nick Blogs From Camp Rock 2

tiffany-nickNick Jonas Simple Wins blog: Hello from the set of Camp Rock 2- This summer consisted of some memorable moments… Teen Choice Awards, performing on Good Morning America & The Today Show, Speaking in front of a Senate committee and the National Press Club, and traveling across North America on tour… to name a few! We also had a softball team this summer as well called The Road Dogs. It was so much fun playing with our band. Filming is going well; we should finish shooting at the end of the month. It is great to see everyone again and catch up on what they have been doing since we were last together.

My blog picture this month is from my birthday celebration. My family surprised me with a very special gift this year. I was given the piano that I wrote ‘A Little Bit Longer’ on while filming the first Camp Rock Movie. The song will always have a special place in my heart and now to be gifted the piano – I was not expecting such a gift and was so thankful to my family. I can’t believe all the outstanding entries that were turned in for the creativity contest. Well done everyone! It wouldn’t have been such a huge success without all your entries and votes in helping to pick each monthly winner. I can’t wait to work with Bayer to pick the winners! We’ll be announcing the grand prize winners very soon so stay tuned. -Nick.


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