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Lady's H&M Facebook Rant Over Tiny Sizing Sparks Comment Onslaught


Ruth Clemens opened up the Facebook floodgates after posting a rant on H&M’s page about her struggle to squeeze into a pair of jeans and medium top.

Once Ruth posted her grievance, it seemed that the entire internet decided to join in and take advantage of the opportunity to complain about, well, anything.

H&M did their best ease the tension with generic copy/pasted responses, but the onslaught of complaints was just too much.



An Epic Facebook Meme War is Waging Between LaCroix Coconut AND Pamplemousse

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There is a war going on between LaCroix fans and it’s tearing friends, families, and even offices (Cheezburger) apart.

The obvious leader in this sparking water civil war is the Pamplemousse Facebook page. Mostly because Team Coconut seems to be stealing its rival’s memes and Photoshopping coconut all over them.

*Team Coconut’s legion of Facebook followers is hurting, even though most would argue that Coconut LaCroix has the superior flavor.

Are you Team Coconut or Team Pamplemousse?




Guy Destroys Homophobic Haters With Brilliant Rant on Bible Hypocrisy


Ever since the tragic events in Orlando, the internet has rallied to show their support for victims of the nightclub shooting and LGBT community of Orlando.

Unfortunately, there are still homophobic bigots out there trolling their best to justify the slaughter of 49 people.

So, on Monday, Darrius Anderson decided to shut up those bible thumping haters with an incredible rant on just how hypocritical peoples’ interpretation of the bible can be.



Newt Gingrich Thinks "London Has Fallen" Is a Sobering Warning, the Internet Thinks He's an Idiot

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Unlike every movie critic on Earth, Newt Gingrich has found something to cling to after watching box office flop “London Has Fallen.” In a recent tweet, which has now garnered some INCREDIBLE reactions, Newt wants us all to take notes on the seriousness of the political-action drama.

Sorry, Newt. You’re going to have to do better than that to get anyone to willingly watch a Gerard Butler movie.




Taylor Swift Crashed This Swift-Loving Jersey-Couple's Wedding For the Best Reason

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Back in April the groom’s sister, Ali sent Swift a heart-wrenching letter telling the pop princess that Max wed Kenya in the hospital so their dying mother wouldn’t miss out on the experience. Max and his mother even danced to Swift’s “Blank Space” for their mother-son dance before his mother passed soon thereafter.

After months of coordinating with Ali, T. Swift went to the Brant Beach Yacht Club in Brant Beach, New Jersey and crashed Max Singer and Kenya Smith’s wedding.




A Texas Couple "Hides a Body Together" in Deranged Engagement Photo Shoot


Shi Jaramillo and Patrick Reetz decided to break the mold of the stereotypical engagement photo shoot by hiding a body together in Austin’s Zilker Park, Texas. The “body” was a life-size doll named Jorge, who was carefully wrapped up in a garbage bag.

“What is the most trustworthy thing to do with your significant other?” Jarmillo said. “To have to hide a body together. You kind of get tired of seeing the same old pictures on Facebook and we didn’t want to be stereotypical.”


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