Brenda Song on dating Joe Jonas Rumors

joe-jonas-bashDisney star Brenda Song chatted with Popstar! about dating Joe Jonas rumors. On whether she is or was dating Joe Jonas: You know, I’ve been friends with ALL the boys for so many years now and personally Nick and I were on the same Disney Channel Games team. I’m friends with the whole family, Kevin, Nick, Joe, Frankie, I love them all! Her favorite thing about the Christmas season? I love the little chill in the air and I feel like everyone is so happy. I love shopping for gifts because it’s so fun going around fighting for parking and I get sugar coated almonds while I walk through the mall. Every year my little brother and I cook Christmas dinner so we have fun prepping for that.

We also make cookies for the entire neighborhood. It’s just so fun to sit in front of our fireplace and make s’mores and watch Home Alone which is my favorite Christmas movie of all time. I just love it all! I’m so excited that it’s so close! Clearing up social networking site rumors: Yes! Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, whatever is out there, I don’t care how real it looks, it’s not me. I don’t have any of them!


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